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Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board


Elkton Outdoors Grebe 12” Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board With Non-Slip Eva Foam Deck, 2 Fishing Rod Holders & Accessory Mount- Carry Pack, Paddle, High Pressure Pump & Ankle Leash Included!


Yosoo 1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module Tesla coil 12V-48V Flyback Driver Heater DIY

Price: $39.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
  • This section of induction heating using low-voltage DC power supply 12-48V Maximum current 20A, maximum power 1000W.
  • Tested 53V power supply when working properly.
  • Because of its moderate power, can be used for small parts DIY players do hardening, annealing and other heat treatment, Also can be used with a graphite crucible melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, uniform heating fast, very convenient.
  • 24V input with no load current of 3A , 48V input with no load current of 6A
  • The higher the voltage, the greater the heating current when the same thing, the effect is better, But at the same time heat is also large, so to eradicate the actual situation to select the input voltage, the general use of the words 24V or 36V power supply is enough.

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